815 Week 2019

Our 2019 Discounts have been awarded for this year.
Keep an eye out for our 2020 specials during next year’s 815 Week

$815 off or a $815 Site!

For 815 week in 2019, 815 Web Designs is offering a $815 discount on projects booked during 815 week (Aug 12-18, 2019).

One fortunate business owner will have their discount turned into the final price, meaning they will get their entire website completed for $815! Read details below.


 “We love the Rockford community. It is where we have raised our six children and where we hope many of our grandchildren will grow up. Supporting local businesses is one way we can help make Rockford a better place for everyone. This 815 special is our way of say “You got this!” to several local businesses this year.”

~Chris & Elaine

How It Works

Request a consultation about a new website or website redesign

Request a consultation about your particular business situation. Use the email form below. If your request is made during 815 week (Aug 12-18, 2019) you are eligible at step 1 for the $815 discount or the $815 website.

Review proposal and decide

Following the consultation, a development proposal will be drafted for your site and emailed within 3 business days. You decide at that point if you want to proceed, modify the proposal or wait. If you decide to proceed, or modify then proceed, you are eligible at step 2.

Enter into a website development agreement

Only the first five clients who accept proposals and enter into a website development agreement are eligible to receive this year’s $815 discount or $815 website. As long as you enter into an agreement before August 30, and are one of the first five agreements signed, you are eligible at step 3. 

Discount applied to your invoice

After the first payment for the website (you guessed it, $815), the $815 discount will be applied to the remaining balance. When all five clients have made their first payment, the selection of the $815 website winner will be chosen randomly from the five eligible clients, leaving one fortunate client with a zero balance for their website.

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