Calvary Bookkeeping

Remote Bookkeeping Service for Small Business

Rockford based full service bookkeeping service. Transitioned from a very dated site that failed to present the skills and quality of their services in the best possible light. 

Project brought over and enhanced the useful content on the prior site. Developed all new section to better present Quickbooks training. Incorporated separate sale funnels for Bookkeeping services and classes. 

Project Components

Website Design

Created a new site design and structure was to better present the business and initiate contact from potential clients.


Content Writing

Provided significant rewriting and expantion of existing content, to improve readability and enhance search potential.


Integrated SEO from day one, providing clear information for search engines to assist with indexing and rank.

Security and Hosting

Implemented SSL (security) on all pages and forms for the site. Migrated site to fast, world class hosting environment.


Blog Development

Configured a section where the client can easily create relevant content related to bookkeeping for small businesses owners.

Mobile Optimization

Optimized layouts for best display and function on cellphones and tablets.

Logo Consulting

Assisted client in development of a new logo through a competative process with multiple designers participating

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