Catholic Saint Medals
Large ecommerce site with over 29,000 products. Project also included seamless integration of a directory of over 300 articles and creation of blog for updates
Project united all of the clients digital resources for customers in one location, providing information, insight and relevant products. Two separate sites were merged, eliminating duplicate content and ensuring visitors just looking for information would also see product.

Project Components

Website Design

Created a new site design and structure to improve visitor interaction and conversions.

Content Writing

Rewrote and expanded existing content, to improve readability and enhance search potential.


Integrated SEO from day one, providing clear information for search engines to assist with indexing and rank.

Ecommerce Shopping Cart

Edited, enhanced, and imported nearly 30,000 products. Created logical categories.

Integrate Payment Gateway

Built connection between shopping cart and payment gateway.


Develop Blog Section

Developed an article area where fresh content related to products, the season or the saints portrayed can be created.


Integrate Live Chat

Integrated live chat portal so customer service reps can directly interact with customers on the website.


Create Directory

Created an integrated directory of the saints related to the products, connecting articles to products.

Mobile Optimization

Optimized layouts for best display and function on cellphones and tablets.

Image Editing

Resized and edited client’s images for optimum display. Located and edited additional relevant images.

Security and Hosting

Implemented SSL (security) on all pages and forms for the site. Migrated site to fast, world class hosting environment.

Featured Project Components

Integrated Saint Directory

The client had a separate website with articles on over 300 individual Catholic saints. We integrated those articles into the site with seamless connections between articles and products.


This greatly increased the number of search terms and topics the site is ranking for while continuing to place product offerings in front of each visitor.


Blog for New Information

A blog style section of the site allows for easy creation of new content related to products, interests and seasons.

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