Red Plate Store

Specialty Ecommerce Website

Organized around a simple tradition, this ecommerce website sells only two products. Our revamping of the site created better opportunities for the client to invite those who participate in the tradition to share their stories. This has allowed the site to rank at the top of search results for this product.

By creating a way for customers to share their own stories, we helped the client enlist their customers in creating new content for the site, increasing its relevancy for key search terms and driving revenue. It even outranked the manufacturer of the product it sells.

Project Components

Website Design

Created a new site design and structure to improve visitor interaction and conversions.


Content Writing

Rewrote and expanded existing content, to improve readability and enhance search potential.


Integrated SEO from day one, providing clear information for search engines to assist with indexing and rank.

Ecommerce Shopping Cart

With two primary products we made extra effort to ensure that upsell options were included

Integrate Payment Gateway

built connection between shopping cart and payment gateway.


Help Customers Interact

Building a section called Red Plate stories we invite customers to engage and share their memories of this tradition.


Integrate Live Chat

Integrated live chat portal so customer service reps can directly interact with customers on the website.

Image Editing

Resized and edited clients images for best display and speed. Located and edited additional relevant images.

Mobile Optimization

Optimized layouts for best display and function on cellphones and tablets.

Security and Hosting

Implemented SSL (security) on all pages and forms for the site. Migrated site to fast, world class hosting environment.

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